Dimmable and standard high power LED bars for different applications.

The LED Bar is a multi-purpose High Power version of Chameleon Strip. Fitted with Power LED for high intensity illumination for single and RGB colours, the LED Bar series comes in various models and configurations. The LED Bar Basic is a simple non-dimmable that provides clean and energy efficient light output. The LED Bar Classic is dimmable and can be easily controlled with Prime Light's Dimtrollers or other controllers. The LED Bar IP is an outdoor IP66 lamp with overheating shut down protective circuitry. They are ideal for wall washing, cabinet lighting and effects illumination.
LED Bar™ Basic, PIX-2
Light Source: 2, 4 or 6x 3W CREE Power LED 
Power: 6, 12 or 18W (lamp only). 110~240VAC input Constant Current Drive 
Data Sheet
LED Bar™ Classic Mono DIMMABLE, PIX-3D
Light Source: 6x 1W Cree Power LED 
Power: 7.5W max, 24 VDC input Controller 
Lens Options: 30, 60 deg 
Data Sheet
Light Source: 10 x 3W, 20x 3W Power LED 
Power: 29.2/56.5W max, 24 VDC input Controller 
Lens Options: 30 deg