High Intensity Illuminator™ with dimming and lens customisation options.

The Illuminator™ is a compact yet powerful flood lamp system. Easily customisable for different beam angle and LED colour, the Illuminator™ is a multipurpose all weather lamp with over heating automatic shut down capability. It is suitable for wall washing, flood lighting and even stage lighting.
Illuminator™ Mono Dimmable, PFX-4D
Light Source: 18x 1W CREE /Luxeon Power LED 
Power: 22W max, 24 VDC input Controller 
Lens Options: 30, 60 deg 
Data Sheet
Connection Guide
Illuminator™ Mono PFX-5
Light Source: 36x 1W CREE Power LED
Power: 40W, 24vdc 
Lens Options: 22, 45 deg
Data Sheet