Dimmable and standard high power LED bars for different applications.

The LED Bar™ is a multi-purpose High Power version of Chameleon Strip™. Fitted with Power LED for high intensity illumination for single and RGB colours, the LED Bar™ series comes in various models and configurations. The LED Bar™ Classic is dimmable and can be easily controlled with Prime Light's Dimtrollers or other controllers. The LED Bar™ IP is an outdoor IP66 lamp with overheating shut down protective circuitry. They are ideal for wall washing, cabinet lighting and effects illumination.
LED Bar™ Classic Mono DIMMABLE, PIX-3D
Light Source: 6x 1W Cree Power LED 
Power: 7.5W max, 24 VDC input Controller 
Lens Options: 30, 60 deg 
Data Sheet
LED Bar™ IP Mono, B6N
Light Source: 10x 1W, 10x 3W, 20x 1W, 20X 3W Power LED 
Power: 12.2~42.1W, 24 VDC input Controller 
Lens Options: 30 deg